Harrison's Room…

https://www.mural-muural on-the-wall
https://www.mmural mural on-the-wall
...a big fantastic Wonka bedroom

This was the second time we had decorated a room for Harrison as he had moved house since our last mural for him. We were very excited to be invited back to, once again, adorn his walls with Roald Dahl inspired characters. Darren had just bought a new packet of paints and he was pleased he got to use some of the vibrant colours, we think they go really well with the great shade of orange on the walls and the literary duvet cover. Enjoy dream country Harrison!

"When we moved house we knew we had to get Darren back to paint our son's bedroom. He'd done the nursery in our old house and we loved it. The new room is even better! We have the BFG and Sophie above the bed, Willy Wonka and Charlie flying on the wall and Fantastic Mr Fox running out of the door with a sack of chickens over his back! The room is beautiful - and no one else has the same thing!


Darren and Hannah were a pleasure to work with; lots of communication throughout and proofs sent back and forth for approval. Definitely recommend them!"